Gilead Charges $13,000/yr for Truvada and $84,000 for Hepatitis C Cure

For NY Pride on Sun June 29, ACT UP will march down 5th Ave and Christopher St. handing out thousands of Fuck Smarter safe sex kits and flyers denouncing Big Pharma company Gilead as the bloodsucking corporate vampires they are.

Currently, Gilead has priced their Hepatitis C cure at $1000/pill, and the cure requires taking a pill/day for 84 days. That's $84,000 for a pill regimen that costs less than $200 to make total. Why does one pill cost so much? Greed. What allows Gilead to charge so much? A government that supports the rights of corporations like Gilead over the basic human rights of its own citizens.

Our theme this year is Bloodsucking Gilead. ACT UP members will be dressed as vampires carrying bags of money and pricey pills to symbolize the way Gilead bankrupts LGBT Americans for profit.

Don't forget to bring water, sunscreen, and snacks to help get you through a long, hot day. We won't start marching until 3:30 at the earliest.

When: Sun June 29
Gather Time #1 for frequent members: 1:30 - 2pm (to help build float)
Gather Time #2 for 1st timers or friends: 2 - 3pm
Where: 38th St between Madison and Park
Lineup in Parade: Section 10 Group #14

At the end of the parade, or if you are downtown in the morning you can come to our booth at Pride Fest:

Pridefest is on Hudson Street between Abingdon Square and West 4th street
ACT UP will be West of Bethune 32 A 13.