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New Infections on the Rise in Key Subpopulations, Despite Options for Prevention
From ACT UP New York
June 9, 2014

Complacent Disease Control Kills

Atlanta, Ga. -- The number of new cases of HIV in the U.S. overall has held steady for the past decade at 50,000 per year. But this doesn't mean that the HIV epidemic has steadied. Since 1993, new cases of HIV among gay and bisexual men and transgender women have been on the rise. According to numerous local and national studies, they've spiked. In Atlanta, a recent study shows that 12% of young gay black men are getting HIV every year. Even in the CDC's own backyard, the HIV crisis continues to rage.

Up until recently, preventing sexual transmission of HIV meant one thing: condoms. Today, there are three additional, proven means of HIV prevention:

Treatment as Prevention (TasP): Sustaining an undetectable viral load if you have HIV means you are highly unlikely to transmit the disease.

Truvada, a pill originally developed for the treatment of HIV, can now be taken once daily as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP, to pharmaceutically prevent HIV in negative people at risk.

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP): Taking anti-HIV medications as soon as possible after exposure to HIV can reduce the chance of becoming HIV positive. To be effective, PEP must begin within 72 hours of exposure.

Complacent Disease Control Kills

Without real leadership and promotion from U.S. public health officials, these prevention methods will remain underutilized. Without a concerted effort to address the HIV prevention needs of marginalized communities affected by high levels of homelessness, job insecurity, and HIV-related stigma, it will not be feasible or safe for individuals to access the resources they need to protect themselves.

On Monday, June 9th, members of ACT UP NY, along with Treatment Action Group (TAG) and Atlanta allies, will meet with...

Media: Terry Roethlein, ACT UP NY, 347-449-2881

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  --  March 5, 2014

ACT UP Protests Anti-Gay Laws at Ugandan Consulate in New York City

U.S. activists speak out against political scapegoating of Ugandan LGBTI community

ACT UP Members and Others Protest Anti-Gay Laws in Uganda
Approximately 50 LGBTI activists protested outside the Ugandan Consulate on March 5 for over an hour decrying President Yoweri Museveni’s February 24th passage of three Draconian measures: the Anti-Homosexuality Law, Anti-Pornography Law, and Public Order Management Law.

Members of ACT UP New York, Queer Nation, Health GAP, LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent, and the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (AVAC) carried signs that read “Hate is the new colonialism, “Fight real issues not the people,” and “God loves Ugandan gays.” A twenty-foot long rainbow banner reading “Boycott homophobia” was draped along the gates outside the consulate as the group gave short speeches on human rights violations in Uganda and read emotional pleas from LGBT Ugandans who are in hiding, suffering beatings, and sometimes committing suicide because of oppression.

In Uganda, accused homosexuals can be sentenced to seven years to life in prison and those who "promote" homosexuality can be sentenced to seven years. Health care providers offering HIV services to homosexuals are at risk for imprisonment, creating a deadly effect on gay and bisexual men who are then cut off from HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. 

AIDS Activists Pressure DOH for Changing Prevention Plan

AIDS Clock // @actupny //

Media: Terry Roethlein, 347-449-2881


ACT UP Hastens Release of NYS DOH Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Guidelines

Calls for New York State to Allocate Funds for Public and Provider PrEP Education

NEW YORK CITY – JANUARY 21, 2014 – AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power/New York (ACT UP/NY) applauds the release by New York State’s Department of Health (NYS DOH) AIDS Institute of clinical guidelines for the use of Pre-Exposure Prohylaxis, or PrEP, to reduce HIV transmission. PrEP is a daily dose of the HIV medication Truvada that can prevent HIV infection if taken before exposure. The guidelines, which are available publicly at, were released on January 14th due to pressure from ACT UP NY.

“While we’re glad to see the creation and availability of these guidelines by the AIDS Institute,” says ACT UP member Terry Roethlein, “the NYS DOH dragged its heels for months over their release, which was originally promised to us last fall. The fact that the guidelines are available at the beginning of 2014 at all is the direct result of consistent pressure and communication with the AIDS Institute by ACT UP and its numerous allies.”

ACT UP at Justice for Islan Nettles Rally

Islan Nettles - Transwoman Murdered

ACT UP Members Protest Police Inaction on Nettles Murder
ACT UP Member at Rally Against Police Indifference
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 31, 2014        

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On Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at 4 p.m., over 150 transgender protestors and their supporters braved sub-zero temperatures to gather outside of NYC Police Headquarters in Downtown Manhattan to demand incoming NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton and the NYPD explain thier negligent investigation in the immediate aftermath of the brutal beating death of transgender woman Islan Nettles last summer in Harlem. The emotionally charged group also demanded a report on the current status of the case’s lagging homicide investigation by NY County District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., and later in the evening emailed an extensive list of questions to Bratton and Vance.  

“There is a target on the backs of trans women of color!” said Lourdes Hunter, Co-Founder, Trans Women of Color Collective of Greater New York, who spoke at the event.  “If Islan was a white woman we would not be out in the cold demanding justice!” she said from atop snow-encrusted steps at One Police Plaza.

A series of impassioned speeches by Hunter and others were punctuated by fiery chants against the NYPD, including “NYPD do your job!”  Enumerating the many errors and delays in the investigation, protestors chanted “How many more? Not one more!” and “Trans lives matter!”

Speakers angrily repeated the puzzling details of the August 17, 2013 attack, including the fact that officers from Public Service Area 6, where the crime occurred, pulled Paris Wilson, the accused assailant, off of Nettles yet failed to adequately question Nettles’ or Wilson’s companions and never checked on Nettles’ condition after her admittance to Harlem Hospital, where she later died.

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Video of protest and “die-in”: <>

New York City, January 3, 2014 - On January 1, twenty activists from ACT UP NY (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power) braved subfreezing temperatures to demand that Bill De Blasio prioritize HIV/AIDS prevention in his new administration. ACT UP has been trying to meet with De Blasio for months to address his disturbingly vague AIDS platform, but the group's requests have been ignored.

ACT UP members with signs reading

During Tom Farley’s four years as Health Commissioner, the NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene neglected infectious diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis in favor of policing soft-drink sizes and smoking. In the Daily News last week, Farley went so far as to tout the Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene’s success in prioritizing smoking and soda bans while minimizing the ongoing catastrophic effects of HIV/AIDS in the LGBT community.