De Blasio Inauguration Protest

On Wed Jan 1 at 11AM, ACT UP protests the inauguration of newly-elected mayor, Bill De Blasio, for his refusal to meet with community groups regarding HIV and AIDS since the election. De Blasio's AIDS platform is disturbingly vague, but his appointment to the city's Health Commissioner COULD reverse rising HIV infections in at-risk communities like young men who have sex with men and trans women and men.

WE NEED a new Health Commissioner different from the current one, Tom Farley, who has ignored HIV/AIDS for the past 4 years and is actively deterring use of current HIV prevention tools like PEP and PrEP. Join ACT UP tomorrow at 11AM at the corner of Broadway and Warren St near City Hall.

NYC DOH Commissioner Tom Farley

Bring your own sign or carry one of ACT UP's.

What: De Blasio Inauguration Protest
When: Wed Jan 1 at 11AM
Where: 258 Broadway at the corner of Warren St.
Why: De Blasio's disturbingly vague AIDS platform and refusal to meet with HIV/AIDS community groups since being elected
Directions: Take the R to City Hall or the 4,5,6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall or the 2,3 to Park Place and walk to Broadway.

**Roads and sidewalks may be blocked and barricaded due to high security for the inauguration. There could be hundreds of protesters from various groups in attendance. Look for the ACT UP banner and ACT UP posters.

Let us know you are coming by going to

Lamont Valentin

For Immediate Release: (Click HERE for PDF)
Media: Reed Vreeland - 917-573-6328, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“I'm not fighting for my life, I'm fighting for the lives of all these other people who have not been able to find help. We need to change medicine. We need to make history. For my son to be able to say, ‘That was my dad... he started this.’ That would be amazing.” — Lamont Valentin

YouTube of Lamont:
NEW YORK CITY — On Wednesday, December 18th at 6 pm in Rockefeller Center, ACT UP/New York will hold a demonstration “In Loving Memory and Outrage” for Lamont Valentin. Born with HIV in 1984, Lamont died at age 29 on a New York City bus on December 3rd—only days after World AIDS Day and the signing of the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) act by President Obama.

But despite the HOPE act, which now allows HIV-positive people to donate organs to their HIV-positive peers, people living with HIV who otherwise qualify for transplants still face unfair barriers. Lamont, spent the last year of his life with his wife and son trying to be listed for lung transplant at New York-area transplant centers, beginning with New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. Even though he had his HIV under control and a stable immune system, in every case he was denied listing and was told that a lung transplant for him would be “contra-indicated,” a term which means inadvisable. Lamont was turned away without further testing.

"The great deal of research that has been conducted over

New York Deserves Better!

On the eve of Occupy Wall Street’s 2nd anniversary, New York youth face increasing student debt and  unemployment; public hospitals are shutting down, leaving patients in jeopardy; people living with HIV/AIDS are  losing housing services; and NYC transit riders are suffering crippling MTA service cuts and route closures. NYC is  losing its heart.  All in the name of austerity-induced budget cuts.

On September 17 the UN General Assembly will convene to discuss agreed upon international anti-poverty and public health goals to be achieved by 2015. None of the goals will be met without a total reversal of global austerity measures. Against the backdrop of the UN and the OWS anniversary, labor and community activists will rally to demand an end  to austerity and full funding of human needs — locally and globally.

The answer to how we pay for it all? The Robin Hood Tax.
A tiny tax on Wall Street and its counterparts around the world is the antidote to needless suffering caused by austerity.

Robin Hood Tax Outline

Terri Wilder and Jeton Ademaj of ACT UP/NY were interviewed on Health Action, broadcast on WBAI/NY on December 2nd 2013. They were interviewed by long-time health activist and former ACT UP/NY member Mark Hannay. The topic of discussion was the expanding epidemic of HIV infection among gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men.

Click here to listen or right click to download.



Media: Reed Vreeland, 917.573.6328

ACT UP Demands DOHMH PEP & PrEP Campaign
NEW YORK CITY – AUGUST 22, 2013 – On Thursday, August 15, pressured by a picket line of AIDS activists spotlighting the city’s failure to provide effective HIV prevention for gay men and transgender women, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) immediately promised to launch a new public education campaign for the HIV prevention treatments Post-Exposure Prophylaxis and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, commonly referred to as PEP and PrEP, according to a DOHMH statement published by

PEP, an HIV prevention treatment that must be started shortly after potential HIV exposure, can dramatically reduce the chance of HIV infection for anyone who may have been exposed to HIV. And PrEP, an anti-viral treatment taken daily, has proven highly effective at reducing HIV infection among people who adhere to treatment and are at high risk of HIV exposure. Yet activists pointed out that the DOHMH has not done the necessary work to make PEP or PrEP widely accessible and affordable, and the city has so far failed to educate the general public about the existence of these treatments.