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Mt. Sinai Hospital failed to deliver crucial emergency treatment
How many more will be denied?

Protest this outrage!   Wed. July 17, Noon, Madison Ave & 100th St – Mt. Sinai
  HIV Preventative Drugs (PEP) Standard Since 2005

On Friday, July 5, a gay man who feared he’d just been exposed to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, went for treatment to the Emergency Room at Manhattan's Mt. Sinai Hospital.
He needed PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis), a treatment shown to be very good at stopping the virus, if treatment starts quickly.  And Mt. Sinai's Emergency Department has PEP.
Despite this -- with the clock ticking -- Mt. Sinai repeatedly denied that such a thing existed and then discouraged, the patient left the hospital!    How could

ACT UP/NY member James Krellenstein was interviewed on Out-FM on WBAI about the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic amoung young men who have sex with men (MSM), a category including gay and bisexual men and non-gay identified men. (Infections among Transwomen are discussed). This epidemic has been referred to as AIDS 2.0 because half of today's 20-30 year-old men will by HIV positive by age 50 at 2006 rates, however the infection rate has spiked in this group since then. Among black 20-30 year-old men who have sex with men, 50% will be infected by age 35. Krellenstein discusses pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PREP, and post exposure prophylaxis, or PEP to cut the infection rate.

Click here to listen or right-click to download and save this 24 min segment (mp3).

Fuck Safe Campaign


Almost 100 AIDS activists marched

ACT UP is urging you to march with ACT UP and Queerocracy in this Sunday's (June 30th) LGBT Pride March assembling at 11:30am at 39th St. Between Park and Madison.

As AIDS enters it's 32nd year a new rising epidemic is occurring in gay and bisexual men. At current rates 50% of today's 22 year old gay men will by HIV positive by the time they are 50. For Black gay men the situation is even worse with an estimated 50% positive by the time they are 40 years old.

Meanwhile HIV testing is being rationed by public health, and there are increasing cuts to AIDS funding. Go to for more information or actupny on facebook.

Media:  Brandon Cuicchi  (646) 284-2948 

ACT UP Declares HIV Infection Emergency

NEW YORK CITY – JUNE 28, 2013 – The AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) will march at the NYC Pride Parade this Sunday, June 30th, to declare an HIV prevention emergency.  New statistics released by the CDC confirm that more than half of young gay men or MSM (men who have sex with men) and transgender women may be HIV-positive by age 50.  In response to this clear threat to the queer community, ACT UP demands an end to the denial that has allowed nationwide HIV prevention budgets to be slashed for years.
Stigmatization of HIV Makes Epidemic Worsen
Even locally, the NY Department of Health has been cutting prevention funding where it is needed most. New HIV statistics show that an African-American MSM is 6 times more likely to become infected with HIV than a white MSM. “We see local AIDS service organizations, like Gay Men of African Descent, that help underserved communities are having their budgets slashed by the city. This lack of funding and an institutional denial about the realities of how LGBT people have sex are putting this new generation at risk,” said member Annette Gaudino.

To take its sex-positive message directly to the streets, along with traditional condoms and lube packets, ACT UP will distribute a “Fuck Smarter Toolkit” with critical


 On April 20th ACT UP, QUEEROCRACY and Vocal-NY sent a bus to Washington DC for Robin Hood Tax Demonstration at meetings of International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Group of 8 (IMF/WB/G8). Momentum for a Robin Hood tax is accellerating in Europe where 11 countries are proposing such a tax to the European Commission. The tax would be on financial instruments. Activists in the US need to push the president and congress to act now to support Representative Ellisons "Robin Hood Tax" on stock, bond, derivative and currency transactions by big financial institutions.