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Ryan’s Budget Plans Are Deadly for People with HIV in the U.S. and Around the World

(December 1, 2016) Washington, D.C. – Eleven AIDS activists were arrested this afternoon while staging a sit-in at the office of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in protest of his and Congressman Tom Price’s plans to dismantle the U.S. healthcare system that the global HIV response depends on. People living with HIV, students, nurses, and others took over the hallway outside Ryan’s office, holding signs and banners reading “Ryan & Price’s Healthcare Dream is a Nightmare for People with HIV.”



AIDS activists delivered a letter to Ryan’s office and to the office of Congressman Price, who is the incoming Trump administration’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). They were arrested and taken to Capitol Police headquarters at 119 D St. NE after sitting down and refusing to leave Ryan’s office until the Speaker committed to reverse course on budget plans that would be deadly for people living with HIV.

In addition to the civil disobedience action, AIDS activists from Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia, representing a dozen organizations, marked World AIDS Day at the United States Capitol with a demonstration protesting Speaker Ryan’s and Congressman Tom Price’s deadly healthcare plans.

Speaker Ryan, the most powerful person in Congress, has for years pushed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), privatize Medicare, end Medicaid as we know it and slash billions from “discretionary” programs, putting funding for global AIDS programs at risk. Georgia Congressman Tom Price, the House Budget Committee Chair, has been Ryan’s close ally in that work -- literally authoring the legislation that would unravel the healthcare safety net as we know it. Given the results of November’s elections and President-elect Trump’s selection of Congressman Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services, Ryan will have the power to make much of his agenda a reality – with devastating consequences for people with HIV.        @actupny

Media:   Brandon Cuicchi  646.284.2948




July 25, 2016 – Philadelphia, PA – Over the weekend, the New York and Philadelphia chapters of ACT UP,

the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power,
teamed up with allies UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines)
and The Other 98% to stage a tug-of-war with pharma bro’s outside Hillary
Clinton’s Philadelphia campaign headquarters ahead of the Democratic
National Convention.

Activists targeted candidate Clinton for her refusal to renew her 2008
campaign pledges to regulate the price-gouging of medicines made by major
pharmaceutical companies like Gilead and Pfizer.  The high prices make it
hard for people with HIV as well as other people to access the lifesaving
treatment they need.

“Hillary Clinton made pledges to have 30 million on treatment by 2020. 
Many are sick, and some have died waiting for the treatment,” said ACT UP
Philadelphia member Jose De Marco.  “This is not the way to the AIDS Free
Generation she talked about.”

Currently, taxpayers help fund the development of new medicines through
grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to universities.  The
drugs are then licensed to companies to sell back to consumers at high
prices.  “Hillary Clinton must provide concrete solutions for
pharmaceutical price-gouging and challenge the current patent system for
drugs that Americans pay for with their taxes,” said Brandon Cuicchi of

Around thirty people met at the Love Statue in Philadelphia’s City Hall
Park and marched, carrying signs and chanting, to Clinton’s campaign
headquarters a few blocks away.  When they arrived, they were met by a
pharma bro played by comedian John F. O’Donnell from RT’s Redacted Tonight
along with the bigheaded likenesses of other notable pharma bros like
Martin Shkreli.

The pharma bros waved giant moneybags and challenged activists to a
tug-of-war to win influence over Hillary Clinton.


Protesta:  Paren de Matarnos / No en Nuestro Nombre
Dónde: Trump Tower 5ta Ave y calle 56, Manhattan
Nueva York, NY - ACT UP New York junto a líderes de organizaciones musulmanas, Latinxs y LGBTQ protestarán delante de la torre Trump en Nueva York contra el uso por parte del presunto candidato presidencial republicano de la reciente masacre en un bar gay en Orlando para polarizar a los estadounidenses.
El martes 21 de junio de 2016 Donald Trump se reunirá con líderes de múltiples grupos de odio anti-LGBTQ en un intento cínico para explotar la homofobia, la transfobia, la intolerancia contra los musulmanes, y el racismo para superar su históricamente baja aprobación en encuestas y su impopularidad con la mayoría del pueblo de EEUU.
"A poco más de una semana luego de la masacre de decenas de personas LGBTQ en el bar Pulse en Orlando, Donald Trump busca el apoyo y el endoso de grupos que - por décadas - han abogado por el odio, la discriminación y la violencia en contra de nuestra comunidad", dijo James

To come from NYC with ACT UP to Philly for the Saturday protest email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 917-653-7267

ACT UP and Other Health Activists Rally Against High Drug Prices

NY – Last Thursday, April Fools Day eve, the Washington Post (see reprint) briefly reported that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc. had “vowed today to stop the time-tested habit of jacking up the list prices of its drugs each year.”

As it turned out, an ad hoc group of activists calling themselves “Nobody’s Fool,” in collaboration with the cyberspace activist group The Yes Men, created the fake press releases and websites. The content of these websites is attached.

The fake website for PhRMA Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America “announced” a Sustainable Pricing Plan for the 21st Century, an ostensible initiative establishing a new pricing model that would improve access to medications by lowering prices.

On the fake Pfizer website, the company “announced” the immediate end to price increases. Several online media outlets, including the Washington Post, fell for the prank and reported the announcements as real before the websites were shut down. Pfizer has released a statement to disregard the new drug pricing policy and its commitment to “engaging in an honest discussion” with patients about affordable medicines. The community of health activists is open to pursuing this opportunity with Pfizer to discuss improvements in the way medicines are priced so everyone can access the treatment they need.

The next day, April 1, dozens of activists from ACT UP New York and other organizations converged at the New York City headquarters of Pfizer, to demand drug pricing reforms. Activists criticized Pfizer because it:
•    consistently implements price increases that far outstrip the rate of inflation;
•    is engaging in a merger with Irish drug company Allergan to avoid paying